What's guerrilla gardening?

Guerrilla gardening started in the 70’s by environmentally conscious people with a green thumb and a mission. The practice is intended to make unused and neglected spaces beautiful, green and healthy. Early guerrilla gardeners performed their work in the dead of night, though recently the practice has become more open. There are blogs and community groups that can provide you with a guerrilla grow guide and support if you want to try a little random act of growing in your neighborhood.

There are many reasons that people take up the cause of guerrilla gardening. The activity is sometimes an attempt to increase urban green space for recreation. It can also provide spaces with edible plants for neighborhood use. Some gardeners simply do it to cover up unsightly areas or take back overly developed regions. It may even be a protest against inadequate government maintenance practices. Whatever the reason, creating guerrilla gardens is a satisfying activity that can be meaningful in many ways.

- Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist 

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