Navy Yard Triangle

Updating an historic parcel

About ten years ago, after moving back to Capitol Hill, retired Navy Commander Pat Startt took notice of the barren triangular plot of land at 9th and M Street SE across from the Latrobe Gate of the Washington Navy Yard. Pat was stationed at the Navy Yard from 1993-97 and recalled driving past this vacant triangular plot daily and thinking at the time "there should be trees and shrubs planted there to create a small park."

For a couple of years around 2011-13 it used as a staging area by DC Water for the reconstruction of sewer tunnels under M Street SE.

After DC Water vacated the space, he decided to adopt the parcel and planted four Loblolly pines and a Deodar cedar. The following year, Pat added a Blue Scotch pine and more Loblollys. This fall we introduced a Burford holly hedge and a crape myrtle at the western end of the park, two Nellie Stevens Holly trees, several Burning Bush and Winterberry shrubs for another hedge on the eastern end. Fringe Flower shrubs were clustered on the southwest corner of 9th and M Streets. Daffodil and tulip bulbs were also planted in the area of the triangle that points to the Navy Yard. 

Guerrilla Gardeners of Washington DC is proud to serve as steward of this parcel in the shadow of the historic Latrobe Gate.