Helping Us Grow

Guerrillas in the traditional sense are fiercely independent renegades often challenging the established order, but we want to work with other groups and government agencies. Close collaboration is essential, particularly with government agencies. Where their mandate ends is where our work begins. We seek cooperation between citizens and the government in the same way businesses and agencies collaborate on public-private projects. 

The more citizens assist government agencies, the more responsive, efficient and effective those entities become. Conversely, should deficiencies exist, they can be identified and corrected. Washington, DC's 311 online system is particularly useful in this regard.

We similarly hope to partner with community groups. For example, on Capitol Hill where the Capitol Hill BID and Capitol Riverfront BID services end is where Guerrilla Gardeners begin. Other groups doing what we do in some form or another we regard as allies and offer our assistance.

We are community builders!

The Next Step

Our list of groups, businesses and government agencies we collaborate with as well as some useful information.